Tripping through Voicemails

When I returned, the voicemail left on my cell phone sounded too poetic to be from any of my friends. Voicemails has always been so stupidly romantic that Adele could make a song out of the very idea of a love poem, shouted or sung to the indifferent ghost of one’s voice or just the […]

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Before the Caves

Ok so a lot of shit is going on. As though of you who follow me on IG know, I recently got back from a bike trip around California but there is so much other shit going on that I might not be able to write about that for a while so in the meantime […]

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In Which I End Up Literally 20 Miles From Ballarat Despite Having Bicycled 150 miles and also some other stuff happens

I leave Furnace Creek in late morning, idling over breakfast, awash in the novelty of all this leisure. Food! Reception! Electric outlets! But especially food; I spend about forty minutes eating breakfast in the cafe before waddling into the cold morning, down along the road that leads over the mountains to Lone Pine.   The […]

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What Happened In Reno

So I used to have a different short story here but then I decided to submit it to a magazine and that meant that I, unfortunately, cannot keep it up here. So here is a different short story for your reading pleasure winter, meet me by the road at 1:30 am don’t reply to this […]

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Foodless Near Furnace Creek

I wanted it to be warm. It’s Death Valley, the warmest place on Earth, the valley plunged between two ten thousand foot tall mountain ranges where the crust is thin and the warmth of the Earth’s mantel seeps into the air, trapped by the mountains. It has been above one hundred thirty degrees Farenheit here. […]

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Over the Panamints

I wake at sunrise, but I always do that, because I have no tent. It’s an unusually warm morning, almost 10 C, and I pad around my camp, staring up at the canyon walls. The spring, coated in green algae, the animal bones, where every creature this side of the Panamints come to eat and […]

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