Entre Nogaleses

Sometimes you go for a weekend to Yosemite and go hike up 13,000 feet and your cousin claims to be in an intimate relationship with a mayonnaise jar, you read Cadillac Desert and the sun goes into hibernation and the clouds move in, the temperature plummeting, the wind gusting in from the west or east or south […]

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Wake Me Up When September Ends

The exhausting array of buses blends into a bland monotony of landscape, highway, and TVs blaring obnoxious music or movies with loud explosions in the seats directly in front of me. The first bus stops in Cuahtemoc, a large industrial city that rises on a hill from the high plains, and I use the bathroom […]

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Maybe this will be helpful?

Statistics:   Riding days (all days over 40 kilometers): 54   Zero days (including nero days under 40 kilometers): 4   Total kilometers: 5,428 (3,372 miles)   Elevation Gain: Over 300,000 feet (91,500 metres)   Divide crossings: 47   Countries: Three   Provinces/states/estados (biked through): 8   Days of snow: 2 Days of rain: 21 […]

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Day Fifty Eight: The End of the Tour

Chihuahua & Sonora & Arizona & California Day 58 August 22: 14 kilometers biked, 4 kilometers walked, like 900 kilometers bussed (not incl. In total), 2 divide crossings (by bus, not incl. In total) August 23: 1700 kilometers bussed, not incl. In total. One international border crossing Total: 5,428 kilometers, 47 divide crossings Can analysis […]

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Day Fifty Five: Did I tell you about the time I met God in Las Varas and he tried to sell me cocaine?

Chihuahua Day 55 August 19: 100 kilometers, 2 divide crossings Total so far: 5,200 kilometers, 47 divide crossings We have a leisurely breakfast at our amazing campsite and then ride along the bumpy railroad up into the mountains toward the divide again. The surface is complete shit, loose rocks ad infinitum that suck away ones […]

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